Monday, April 30, 2007

Whose results are those?

So I met with the RN today, and my meeting with her was less demoralizing than with the nutritionist.

First of all, we didn't talk about gross American health food. Second, my blood pressure was 102/64. How the heck did it get that good?

Also, I got my sexy new glucose monitor, I tried it out, and scored 103 at 4:30 in the afternoon!

My breakfast? A hard boiled egg and a packet of sugar-free oatmeal.

My lunch? Two salad rolls: chicken breast and seasoned bean sprouts, wrapped in some mâche and a tapioca wrapper. Some roasted chinese broccoli, another boiled egg, and some sugar free finger jello.
103, baby.

And then for dinner: a little bit of roast porkloin, some more bean sprouts, some more roast chinese broccoli, and some more jello. Plus one corn tortilla with a little bit of guacamole.

I might have a cup of tea before bed. I'm not that hungry, just bored.

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