Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What an odd day

Last night I had a nice bowl of spicy tofu soup with seafood, some kimchi, some bean sprouts, and some zucchini as panchan. I checked my blood sugar about an hour later; it was 117.

Not bad. Actually, that's in the normal zone.

I did some mild exercise. Later that night, I snuck a bite of broccoli and chicken, and a few pieces of finger jello. This was around 9 pm.

I got up this morning, and my fasting blood sugar was 116. What? Come on! Again, not terrible, but it should be under 100!

Anyway, I had two boiled eggs for breakfast. For lunch I made two salad rolls (mache, bean sprouts, chicken, in a tapioca spring roll skin) and had a few pieces of finger jello. Blood sugar at 4:30 pm: 106.

Why the hell is my afternoon blood sugar lowerthan my fasting? Did I get up in the middle of the night and eat?


A parent had some catered lunches; she bought me a salad, which I brought home to eat for dinner. It was a cob salad (yum!) but I threw out the thousand island dressing and dressed it with vinegar and oil. I also threw out the gooey caramel brownie and the roll. Sigh! I did not throw out the apple, in fact I'm eating it RIGHT NOW. I'll check blood sugar again later to see what kind of damage an apple does.

It's a small apple! Not as small as the plastic apple that the fracking nutritionist showed me.

I will not eat past 8pm tonight; maybe tomorrow morning I will be under 100.

I told the dean about my plan to go to China in the fall of 2008; she was annoyed. She said she'd write me a bad recommendation, so that I wouldn't leave! Ha ha.

I asked the Hangzhou program people twice now if I could pay most of the program fee now, and another $1000 after my May paycheck, two weeks after the payment deadline. They haven't answered either email, so I'm assuming that's their passive-aggressive way of saying "no."

I would appreciate it so much more if they just said "no," rather than giving me the silent treatment.

Mass with the Archbishop tomorrow. I think I'm going to go buy some pants.

There is a half-cup of artificially sweetened mint chocolate chip ice cream in my future tonight.

UPDATE: I didn't end up buying pants. Or shoes. Not sure what I'll wear tomorrow.

Nobody noticed my haircut today.

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Orange said...

Pants for the archbishop! Yes. It wouldn't do at all to show up pantsless.

You are kicking blood sugar's ass with your food intake! Keep up the good work.