Monday, January 22, 2007

Dreaming of a world without grading.

Steve Byrne Kims Of Comedy

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There are many things I'd like to blog about; how I want to move to China, how I had gelato on a freezing Seattle night, how I ordered risotto and got the same Nico Nico Calrose rice that I've eaten every day of my life. I could even blog about Battlestar Galactica. Or how I've signed up for language exchanges via Skype.

I want to blog about all those things, but I'm in grading hell. Gotta get to work. I wonder if there will be grading hell when I quit my job, sell my condo, and move to China to teach spoken English. Or something like that.

I like this clip of Steven Byrne. Apparently, this footage didn't make the broadcast, it's out takes from the DVD.

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