Saturday, December 30, 2006

What's that smell?

I think my feet stink. It's 3am, I'll scrub them tomorrow, when I get up.

I'm on Day 2, going on Day 3 of.... how can I put this delicately.... needing to take immodium. It's gotta be some kind of virus. (tmi? look up at blog title.)

We watched Little Miss Sunshine last night. Mama didn't think it was funny, but I thought is was a riot of dysfunction. No idea about what's gonna happen tomorrow, but I know I have stuff to grade before I go back to school. Sigh. Tonight for dinner, Mama made split pea soup with ham hocks and kielbasa. Delicious!

I watched the Christopher Reeves Superman this evening and then went to meet my friends at the Mandarin Gate for karaoke. Fun! They had a vodka tonic waiting for me, and they put a song in immediately... Stevie Wonder's Superstition. Don't forget: The Fat Boys: Wipe Out. El Diablo: Dirty Deeds (he ripped his stunt shirt). Combustible: Parents Just Don't Understand. Ridiculous Nicholas gave me a Year of the Boar calendar ("you're a bore!"). Yonesy: Jump Jump! Kworl: Greatest American Hero. Cindy: Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Afterwards, we went to Dicks on Holman and ate at the counter, standing. I had a deluxe, fries, and a small sprite. Luckily, no students. Now I'm in bed, and I think my feet stink.

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