Friday, January 05, 2007

Yah, yah....

I haven't felt like blogging in a while; really the only reason I'm blogging now is out of some kind of journaling guilt. That's good enough.

The stomach thing was three days of... needing immodium... followed by three days of gagging. Never puking, but gagging. My parents have been in town since Christmas, and all mama wants to do is cook and knit. Now it is a great, great thing when mama stays and wants to cook, but when you've got some kind of GI virus, it's not so great. I was hungry for most of the time, but the gagging kept me from eating a lot. And, unfortunately, my house was permeated with a chicken/onion/ginger soup smell for a few days, which my nose now associates with the gagging feeling. I don't know if I'll ever eat chicken soup again. Don't take it personal, mama!

Today around noon it started raining this slushy slush that wasn't hail, but it wasn't snow either. It was some kind of clumpy slush. The weird thing is that it came down for hours and hours.

I came home after work and hung out for a while, and then went to V and M's wedding rehearsal, followed by the rehearsal dinner at Ponti. The hors d'oeuvres were little chicken satays, grilled shrimp with a spicey pepper sauce, little button mushrooms stuffed with gorgonzola, and some crab-stuffed spring rolls with that same spicy sauce.

The dinner menu was a salad, a choice of salmon, seared ahi, or beef tenderloin, and then a choice of chocolate or lemon tart.

Yesterday, mama and I went to 老四川。 The waitress complimented my Mandarin! We ordered sauteed peavines, ants on a log 蚂蚁上树,and eggplant with pork, which I think is called 家常茄子。


Just now my mama turned to me and said,

When we were little, we used to get a chicken, and lift up its... it's
tail, so you can see its.... it's anus... And then we would blow like this
"fooo fooo"... and then the tumbong would go like this: (puckering her lips
rhythmically, wuh-wuh-wuh).... and that's what I think of Donald Trump.

I swear, she just turned to me and said that.

I think that's the end of the blog for today, folks.


Trope said...

Ants on a log??? I can't see the characters that follow it (not that I could read or understand any Mandarin anyway) but that's what we used to call celery topped with peanut butter topped with raisins. I'm wondering if they served you this at the restaurant... probably not.

I will never be able to forget that Donald Trump image. Tell your mother thank you.

And glad you're feeling better!

kamote said...

the cultural connection between a chicken's tumbong and donald trump is FREAKIN' hilarious! best wishes for a happy and healthy 2007!

myrna said...

Donald Trump's picture was just on tv, were talking about him. you were not pauing attention because you were blogging and blogging.