Thursday, December 28, 2006

The last 5 days

Ay! So much has happened in the last five days, I don't even know where to begin... definitely not at the beginning.

Christmas was karaoke at Uncle L's. We drank pomegranate martinis and sang karaoke. Some of A and M's friends came over. They all ate, sang karaoke... N stayed the night, even, which struck me as odd that they wanted to spend their Christmas Eve with our family, but of course they were perfectly nice, and I was glad they were there. I'm glad I had some emergency gifts to give them.... from when I bought H's Korean blanket with the Virgin of Guadalupe on it, and the shop keeper said, ok, as a bonus gift from us, take four items from this table.

My presents: Satrapi's Chicken with Plums, which I had bought for myself, but then H wrapped and gave to me; a thick green Korean blanket, and $50 cash. With the $50, I bought a red ceramic French press cafetera, which I've already used for coffee and tea. It's better than a glass French press because holds the heat in longer; and I prefer it to a stainless steel French presses, even the insulated ones, because I feel like the metal changes the taste of the coffee. It's probably all in my head, and yes, the plunger mechanism in my red ceramic French press is stainless steel, so phooey, but I like my ceramic cafetera anyway. It even has a rubber bottom, so I don't need a trivet.

My parents have arrived, and the days are flying by. Because of some cleaning and furniture planning on my part, my condo is now fully presentable, and there is plenty of space for four adults and a dog in my little casita. Even the downstairs hallway is under control. The only problem is that there are now baskets piled high of CLEAN laundry in my once simple, uncluttered bedroom, which I have no intention of folding. Well, we'll see.

Meals so far: Leftover ham and pansit from the party. Ham fried rice, tuna omelete, toast made with dried-fruit baked in. FuMan Dumplings for lunch; boiled dumplings, pan-fried pot stickers, spinach-tofu egg drop soup, tofu and veggies with garlic sauce, house special chow mein, seaweed with garlic/sesame sauce. Leftovers for dinner. Pork sausage patties, fried eggs, and toasted shokupan with B blackberry jam. Lunch at Than Bros. #10 medium, #9 large, #12 large, iced coffee, complimentary bahn choux, $20.

Dinner: chicken tinola (thanks Tulip Fleurs!), pea vines with toasted garlic and oyster sauce. After dinner we watched First Strike, and then a Good Eats marathon (Tender is the loin I & II; Wake up, little Sushi)

What else? Oh, I bought a new document shredder. No more fooling around.

Hope you all had great holidays! My gift to you, Chinese character of the day! This one, this one, and this one, with stroke animation!

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