Saturday, December 09, 2006

Culturally flavored ambush comedy

Well, we brown people have always wondered when we get to be on tv. You'd think that after the success of the Cosby Show in the 80s, we wouldn't have had to wait 20 years until we got George López, but we already know that the white american viewing public is fearful.

Sure, there's "er" which I watched 10 years ago because of the multicultural reality it portrayed. And there has been the occasional black sidekick, asian girlfriend, or latino drug runner, or middle eastern deli owner that proved to everyone how progressive Hollywood is. And don't forget the futuretopias of the Star Trek universe, where white people worked hand in hand with black people who were either black klingons or black vulcans or blind black people with a banana clip on their face; or a latina klingon; or the native american stereotype. Or best of all, the asian american (human!) ensign from San Francisco who sit at the feet of his busty white Captain-ess.

But now.

But now Borat has introduced culturally flavored ambush comedy, in which a comedian, who gives himself license to be a fool by pretending to be an ignorant foreigner, tests the real life reactions of real life white americans. Because really, even 20 years after Cosby, it's still all about the white people.

So don't get excited about the Papdits on CBS, because it's not about being brown in America. "er" is still your best bet.

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