Thursday, November 02, 2006

I am sweating and breathing hard

So Latin Grammys is on Univision this year, and it's on right now... and YouTube does not work fast enough, because it's already been 30 seconds since Shakira and Alejandro Sanz left the stage.

Tortura is an old song, so I had no expectation they were going to sing it. First, they introduced Shakira, and she sang La pared sitting on a barstool next to a piano. It was nice. Then she gracefully introduced Alejandro Sanz, who was waiting on the next stage over. (Latinos are so far ahead of gringos when it comes to social grace, it's pathetic.) So then Ale sang one of his songs with a million words (he's not as skinny as he used to be).

And when that song was done, we walked over to Shakira's stage, where a guitar and mic had been set up for him, and the crowd went NUTS. Shakira came out of a tunnel, the screen went up to reveal Shakira's band, and then they started playing Tortura.

Update: here it is here it is here it is here it is on YouTube.

And then Shakira started doing that robotic breast thing and the belly dancing thing, and suddenly all over the globe, sex hormone levels surged, and men and women everywhere were wiping drool from their chins. ahem. just.. give me a moment.

Last year I gave my students the text of that song, and they all learned it, and some of them made their lipsync video to that song. I was thinking about finding this performance on YouTube and showing it to this year's kids, but... mejor no. No no creo que no.

Ay ay ay.

Now Andrea Bocelli is singing "Besame mucho." (discreet yawn to one side)


Trope said...

JP, fer shame! The clip almost made my poor spouse drop his plate of breakfast. "They're like... prehensile!" he says. I thought it was pretty cool too.

I first heard Tortura in salsa class (yes, I'm one of those) but am now afraid I can't dance to it anymore, since I would suffer by comparison. It's a good excuse to find more music.

Orange said...

Okay, that's just...bizarre. Why would anyone want to learn how to rotate her bosom? It looked like they were a mechanical structure rather than part of her womanly anatomy. Just weird, weird, weird. My sex hormones remain unincreased after viewing the video.