Saturday, November 04, 2006

Quintesessencial Northwest Saturday

It's a rainy Saturday. I slept in. I woke up when A called to figure out dinner. She's making squash risotto, her friend M is working on dessert, and I am bringing fresh italian sausages.

I went to Pike Place Market of course, to pick up the sausages. I bought a pound of hot italian for tonight and a pound of merguez for myself. I'll broil them, eat them with rice. Or maybe I'll put them on a baguette, haven't decided yet.

I parked in what is now my favorite parking lot at the market. For lunch I had a little cup of Cinicinnati over black beans at World Class Chili. Then I had a shrimp cocktail at Jack's Fish Spot. I bought a half a pound of roasted pepitos and then drove home.

And, by the way, ding, I'm wearing carhardt work pants and a plaid flannel shirt. And a knit cap.

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J. said...

and the quintessential SoCal November Saturday here was a 2 hour walk listening to Eat, Pray, Love on my i-Pod, then to the beach with Graham for some sand and rock time. And in case you're wondering, I'm wearing a tank top and short capri pants and sandals. Wish I were coming to the feast at A's tonight...