Saturday, September 16, 2006

That's the Muscle Rexaxant Talking

Tanks Gad for my sister, who woke up early to take me to Urgent Care this morning. There's no way I could have parked the car and walked in on my own steam. Later, when they explained to me how I'd have to go down the hall to pay the cash, I sat in the lobby (in mild to medium discomfort) while she went and got the meds.

Now I'm home, and she's getting back from the store with breakfast.

And now she's making me breakfast!

There's a Safeway down the block from my house, she says they're having their grand-reopening after their renovation. It's 10 am and the checker told my sister she's already given away three ipods! We're totally going back .

Apparently, there's also a "steak truck," like a taco truck, only steak.


torreybird said...

I heard of your condition from Frau - sorry you're in pain! enjoy the drugs! funny that you're still blogging in pain & on drugs! hee hee...

bud said...

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