Monday, September 18, 2006


So I watched Studio 60 tonight, I have to say I enjoyed it. And by now the meds have worn off.

One question; is the show based upon a buddy buddy best friend premise? Because I finally stopped believing in buddy buddy best friendship ten years ago.

I know, I'm a late bloomer.


I'm sure the muscle relaxant, the codeine, the tylenol, the ice, the heat, and the rest all contributed to getting my back back to normal this weekend. But honestly? The rolled up towel I put in my lombar region feels the best.

And the reward? I got work tomorrow. Grr.


KMTBERRY said...

I am 45 and I believe in buddy-buddy best friendship. I have a best friend and we have been BFF since age 17.

I am a girl and he is a boy though. And we are both straight ! and we are not romantically involved or any kind of cheater thing.

I know not everyone is lucky enough to have a Best Friend though. I treasure it. My husband and His wife weren't big fans at first though! But they got over it.

myrna said...

If the rolled back towel worked, it sounds like what you had may be some sort of muscle strain from forward bending or sitting. Try some gentle back extension stretchings to relieve pressure on your vertebral discs and to prevent disc problems that could encroach on your sciatic nerves later on. Talk to me about this.

Doris said...


I was pleasantly surprised by STUDIO 360. I was just flipping the channels and happened upon it. I appreciated the Judd Hirsch rant (network executives afraid of their own content, opting for mindless nonsense over anything vaguely threatening or controversial). I thought that Amanda Peet seemed way too young to be the president of the network, however.

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