Friday, September 15, 2006

cool names for future blogs

All Intensive Purposes
Die and Stay Black
My Bottom Hurts
Ay! Huge Vagina!
Silence! You Are Confusing Them
Hammer Time
Double Damn
You're Mother's Elbow!
Fistfight in Heaven
Paradise Garden
40 Nights
Flied Lice
Two Deluxe, Fries, and a Coke
Operation Just 'Cuz
Mission Accomplished!
Your Panty
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!
All the Bleeding Saints.
You Got Options
A Can of Whoop Ass
A Can of Shut Up
Everybody Dies
Songs In The Key I Know
Marriage is Gay!
Generation XL
Everyone Likes Pie
Wait, what?
Oh my God, you guys!
You like me, you really like me.
Don't Forget To Floss
The Sound of One Hand Slapping
The Romans Killed Jesus
And I Have A Beautiful Wife
Annals of Brown America
When Brownimals Attack
A Little Bit Pregnant
I'd Rather Eat Glass
Oedipus Rox!


BeckaJo said...

A Little Pregnant is taken. And if I didn't have a domain, I'd totally steal "All Intensive Purposes." Hmmm...the registry expires in a year...

kMTBERRY said...

A little Pregnant is not only TAKEN, it is a GREAT BLOG !!!!! Read it from the beginning though. Julie is HILARIOUS !!

My faves:

Silence! You are confusing them! (this made me laff when I first read it at Bitch)
fistfight in heaven
a can of whoop ass
Oh my GOd, you guys!