Thursday, September 14, 2006

Survivor 13: White Privilege

I won't even bother coming up with a snazzy new title, Orange beat me to it! I've never been a fan of reality tv, so I've never watched Survivor. Orange doesn't either, but she couldn't resist watching the first race-based competition. Check out her analysis; the white folk are so white-priviledged, they don't seem to notice their own homogeneity.

I'm not sure why anyone thought this would be a good idea, other than all the blogospheric buzz that segregation will bring them. Apartheid may not be good enough for the regular people, but when attractive people are competing for money....

To be fair, I heard on Entertainment! Inside! Extra! that the contestants were told the night before the competition started that they would be grouped, you know, according to White America's racial constructs. So they all had a good night's sleep to decide if they would racially exploit themselves for America's delight and for a big cash prize, or go home with nothing. I'm sure I would have agreed to go on with the competition as well, and then later endured criticism from ethnic studies majors.

It's only a matter of time until it becomes Survivor: Men vs. Women. then Survivor: Sectarian Violence. Survivor: Holocaust. Survivor: Abortion Debate. Survivor: Abuse Victims vs. Their Abusers.


Orange said...

Don't forget Survivor: Homophobia, Survivor: Political Enemies, and Survivor: Fat vs. Fit.

Anonymous said...

That last idea's going to make someone some money, Orange