Friday, April 06, 2007

Spring break!

I've eaten a couple times at Homestyle Hong Kong Cafe at Hing Hay Park. The first time, I had egg noodles in soup with shrimp balls and dumplings. The second time I had pork and salted fish over rice in a stone pot.

If there's another place you can get a rice dish in a stone pot, I don't know about it. You can let your rice brown and develop into a crispy crust, which you can scrape out later with the spoon they give you. Yum. The tables are stainless steel; the chairs are some clear plastic from space. The food is impeccable and delicious.

The drinks.... There's a drink on the menu called 7up with salt and lemon. The salt is mixed into the 7up; the lemons are sliced and dropped in. The result is an exquisite soapy taste. That I never need to try again.Last time, I ordered a Hong Kong Style Lemonade, which was sugar water with some slices of lemon dropped in. If I hadn't gone after my lemons with my spoon or fingers to crush them, I would have been drinking sugar water, like a hummingbird.

Yesterday, I went to Mike's Noodle House across the plaza from Homestyle. I ordered spicy pork over noodles. Delicious. They didn't have any lemonade though, but the lady offered me some soy milk.

What else do I have to tell you? Hmph. It's spring break, and I'm not going anywhere. I might vaccuum.

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