Thursday, April 05, 2007

Semi-anonymity, hairy backs, and language panic.

When people you know read your semi-anonymous blog, it is wierd. I have met people who were annoyed by my embarassment upon finding out that they were reading; not surprisingly, these were people who don't recognize that I'm always right. Ha.

But, to be clear, semi-anonymous or not: I have an opinion, and I am free in this country to express it. And yes, my opinion is often that some students and some parents are self-important, over-entitled brats whose behavior is often morally, legally, and educationally incorrect. And when I say "educationally incorrect" what I really mean is STUPID. Yes. I said it. Yes. Some parents and students exhibit STUPID behavior.

As a rule, I don't blog about students or their parents. I blog about coworkers as little as possible. But I do not apologize for the times when it may seem that I do not like the students or the parents. When it seems like I don't like them, it is because I DO NOT LIKE THEM. Do they want me to like them? Then they should act LIKABLE. It is not my job to like the people who are unlikable.

So there.

Click here if you have a hairy back.

In other news, I have bought my ticket to Hangzhou. I've decided that instead of pushing myself over 48 hours to get the cheapest possible flight, that I will do a 20 hour layover in Seoul.
I will stay in a hotel, eat Korean food, sleep in a bed, and shower in the morning.

My original plan had been to arrive in Hangzhou a couple days earlier and to chill out for a while, but then I experienced something I haven't experienced since I first landed in Paris 14 years ago: language panic. I know I am way way too cool to give in to language panic, but listen, I have high blood pressure now. I don't want to get into a taxi with all my gear, point to a printout of a hotel I may or may not like.

I promise, this is the first and last time I will have language panic when it comes to Mandarin.

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