Monday, April 16, 2007

Look What I Found in my Camera

Toss in sea salt and black pepper; drop into a screaming hot pan for a couple minutes on each side. Don't over cook your shrimp!

Detail. This pattern would make a cool Hawaiian shirt.

Wontons with noodles and vegetables; soup on the side. From Homestyle Hong Kong Cafe (the stone pot place).

My first assignment from 9th Grade Drawing. The art teacher is letting me audit her drawing class. The man on the left is the assignment page. The assignment was to look at the drawing upside-down and copy the lines. The upside-down aspect is to prevent your left brain from taking over and filling your page with symbols, intstead of lines. On the right is my effort; as you can see, my proportions were a little wonky. Notice how my drawing's head pokes outside of the frame. Oops.

Assignment number 2 is a negative space assignment. We'll see how that goes.

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Paradise_Found said...

The shrimp looks yum, but I am really loving that cast iron pan. Wow! Perfectly seasoned! I want one!