Monday, April 16, 2007


So the Long's Drug store down the street is closing. Boo.

The upside is that everything is at least 25% off. I went in yesterday to get myself a tiny slow cooker, so I can have oatmeal in the morning to lower my damn colesterol. Alas, none were left.

I've always just used my cast-iron pan to grill, etc., but one day my sister made me a panino with her George Foreman. So I thought, ok, since they're 25% off....

Anyway, the box sat in my kitchen for 24 hours; finally I got tired of looking at it, so I took it out of its box and put in in the cabinet under the counter, only to find.... ANOTHER GEORGE FOREMAN GRILL. My sister had cursed me with her old one when she moved out.

So now I have two; one brand new, another well used: some of the non-stick coating has flaked off. I believe I'll be giving the used one to Goodwill.

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