Monday, April 16, 2007

If I were a Starfleet Capitan...

If I were a Starfleet capitan, I would deal with intruders by beaming them into space.

Once the other team dropped their shields to board, I would have all the engineers use all the the transporters on the ship to lock on to the crew of the attacking ship and beam the intruders into space. I could probably program the computer to do it.

You can call it the JP Maneuver.

It isn't quite cricket, no, and at probably more suited to space pirates than Starflleet. Of course, if I valued humanoid life, I could beam everyone straight into the brig.

Ha ha, a Starship with a Filipino capitan. That would be a blast. I'd issue a standing order to manually the crew to turn off lights when they leave the room. Also, alien races would let me get away with more stuff because Filipinos are the model minority.

Who am I kidding. I would miss Seattle too much.

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