Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What is that about?

The limerick contest continues! Click here!

My grades are in, hooray! Tonight, I'm grading some more! And making a worksheet.

I had a few random thoughts today.

  • That idiot president tried to use food to distract everyone, including himself, from the issues on his recent tour of Latin America.
  • No and Hell No. Seattle has decided! Tunnel: no. Superviaduct: hell no. Tear that shit down, make me a park. I'm gonna want a condo there pretty soon.
  • These raids are not about homeland security. Conservative America is acting out it's racism, and it's desire to maintain a class of brown people ethat they can oppress. Tell me it's not true.
  • You want to know what trash is? It's parents who throw parties for underage kids and let them get drunk. That, my friends, is why the Filipino kids aren't allowed to hang out with white kids the parents don't know.
  • Rudy Giuliani vs. photoshop.
  • I watched The New Adventures of Old Christine last night, and it cracked me up. What? Do I still like sitcoms? They're so... early 90s. It's funny that the characters were annoyed by the kid having to switch to an all-white school, when the cast itself is all white. Oh wait, Wanda Sykes is on the show now... so why isn't she in the cast picture, or even listed on the cast page. What is that about?
  • I have an Ikea duvet cover. There's a hole in the bottom, so that you can stuff your comforter inside. Every morning when I wake up, the comfortor manages to escape out of the hole... usually it gets about 3 feet out. How do I keep my comfortor from escaping my duvet cover during the night? Please help me, duvet covers are not part of my cultural heritage.


Nicklebug said...

Velcro or snaps.

Tita said...

Yes, there are these little snaps you can buy at bed bath and beyondish stores (do they have those in seattle?). They clip the corners of your duvet onto the corners of the cover (on the inside, so no unsightly clipping) and presto, no escaping. I hear ye, not a part of our culture. I never even had a duvet cover growing up. Bed in a bag. No duvets in the motherland, so why would our parents think to purchase such things?

myrna said...

Velcro or snaps....or...remember those comforter covers that I made out of two flat sheets? I put a couple of ribbon ties. That works very well.

myrna said...

"Duvet" is not a new thing for me, but we did not call them then by that name. When I was a teenager (many, many years ago) I made bed mattress covers out of my big sisters' old white college uniforms. (Bed mattresses then were like super thick comforters stuffed heavy and thick with cotton.)They had wide pleated skirts. Sucha a waste, I thought, when they brought them home and kept them in the closet. My mother was very happy with those "new" mattress covers. My sisters were not happy when they came home on their next summer vacation and found their uniforms covering my mother's bed. Before they left to go back to school, I was ordered specifically to leave their clothes alone. Such a waste, I thought. I made my mother even happier when she saved money from buying me new clothes. This time I made my own skirts, shorts and blouses out of my sisters' old clothes that were sittting in the closet. Well, they couldn't get very mad for a long time. They realized, afterall, with all the money I saved my mother, she could give it to them for "baon" to go back to school.

Mariamariacuchita said...

I use a few safety pins to keep my duvet from creeping out he bottom.

Micaela said...

kuyang, were you living at home when mama made duvets (multiple) by sewing the old sheets together? She left no holes, so they didn't least I don't think so. How did we wash them? She must have left holes.