Sunday, March 04, 2007

Saturday: zero productivity.

Recovering from a "tummy" ache.

I slept in this morning. Met 小猪 and 老虎 for breakfast at the 14 Carrot. I had chicken fried steak.

Slept on the couch for a while.

Stopped at Mutual and bought a pound of fresh Alaskan shrimp, salty, pink, and full of roe. I cooked them on the skillet with salt and pepper, and enjoyed them with a big baked potato. I will have them for lunch tomorrow as well.... maybe as a scampi, with spaghetti.

Around 10pm I was getting bored, and I was getting food ideas from FoodTV. No, I wasn't hungry. But I went out and got a Bagel Dog. It was delicious. I parked under the viaduct. It wasn't even 11pm yet, so the party people were all pouting, smoking, standing in lines on the sidewalk, shivering.

I ordered my 'spicey wid' and the dude told me I'd have to wait for the bagel buns (the special buns they make out of bagel dough). He went inside, and another guy came out with the first bagel bun of the night, said I was lucky.

It was absolutely delicious.

Tomorrow, dinner at 马厩's place. I teased him earlier this week for being the best teacher in the world, which he might be. A film crew was at school, recording his brilliance for a museum in the nation's capital.

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