Sunday, June 18, 2006

Stuck in the 90s.

I loved living in Seattle in the 90s. I love wearing whatever the hell I wanted to, and the scruffier I looked, the better.

I was just watching the NBA Finals (not that I care) and saw the entire arena wearing white t-shirts. In the 90s the idea of dressing alike for a game grossed us out. We could always tell the UW alumns from the non- because at football and basketball games, the non-alumns were the people that looked like a purple monster puked on them. Then, in the late 90s, we started playing Nebraska, who we considered to be a bunch of facists for dressing alike. But the the geniuses at Montlake realized they could kick up their merchandizing profits, so they started the "Real Dawgs Wear Purple" campaign. It was good timing, because the post Generation X people have become incresingly less original, more conformist.

I can't stand it. If I went to a Heat game, I wouldn't wear the tshirt.

Another example of me being stuck in the 90s is the Bagel Dog from Mediterranean Mix on First Avenue, in the historic Pioneer Square district. When my friends and I (back when I believed in friends) used to go to clubs or bars down there, we'd always stop for a bagel dog, spicey with. That's a hot link on a hot dog bun made from bagel dough, smeared with cream cheese, grilled onions, and spicey brown mustard. NEVER KETCHUP. Maybe kraut or relish.

Well, I had myself a bagel dog today for lunch, and noticed that the signs said they were famous for their gyros. I would LOVE to have a good gyros and fries (that was my favorite lunch in Paris).

Anyway, I went back to Med Mix this evening, and had... another bagel dog.

I'm going to the grocery store now to buy fixins for BLTs.

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