Friday, March 02, 2007

Fastest Dinner Ever

I was so hungry, I was seeing spots today after making candles at work.

So on the way home, I noticed that Mutual was all locked up, so I stopped at Quality Food for Caucasians. I never NEVER go there, but their seafood seems better than Safeway.

Anyway, I bought some big prawns there, but the only grits I found were instant.


So my dinner tonight was shrimp and instant grits. Mind you, I have never been to South Carolina, so I'm not exactly sure what shrimp and grits are supposed to taste like. Or look like. Or how they're supposed to be cooked.

Anyway, rock salt, cracked pepper, and a splash of oil; toss it all together in the wrapping paper, to save yourself from washing a dish. Lay them flat on a screaming hot, dry skillet.

Make your instant grits in the microwave. 60 seconds later, flip the shrimp onto the other side.

That's all. No bacon, no onions, no cream. I was hungry.

I bet there are real grits at Safeway....


Nicklebug said...

Grits should be made with butter. Lots of butter.

And cheese if you'd like Cheesy Grits.

Kathryn said...

I believe for real low country shrimp and grits the grits are cooked with chicken broth instead of water and whipped with cheese and heavy cream. The shrimp are sauted in the bacon grease with onions,garlic, celery so you have a little bit of a sauce of bacony carmelized onions. She-crab soup makes this complete. must run to Charleston now.