Saturday, February 17, 2007

Retrospective: A Patchwork, If You Will

Ah this silly blog.

I started it in February 2003 as a way to journal; it started off as a journal for that cursed Friendship Bread. Then for a while I posted in Spanish what I was eating as I did Atkins. Ha! I lost a lot of weight, but now I'm fatter than ever.

There was a year starting in May 2003 where I didn't write anything; I came back in May of 2004 with the regular journal type entries. Then in late July to August 2004 there was the short "golden age" where I tried to use my blog to tell stories. August 2004 was a big month, I posted a greatest hits post about eating Asian food, two stories from my mama, and a link to D, a friend of mine from grad school.

Around January of 2005 I tried posting some recipies; that's also when I started posting photos. In October of 2005 I posted a series of memes on my Asianness. January of 2006 was the advent of video blogging.

Anyway, lots of fun stuff. I'm getting tired of retrospecting, now, but lots of good stuff.

It's funny what I've already forgotten about; dreams, ideas, random thoughts. It occured to me that there's some material I haven't blogged about. For example:

  • the time I saw Mario Batalli at Zeitgeist
  • dinner at DeNunzio's where the risotto was niconico medium grain calrose
  • numerous crazy dreams about friends from college
Ah, my blog. Maybe I'll tell those stories, maybe I never will. This blog is a patchwork. It's been fun reading all the old posts, noticing all my old editorial decisions.

Here's a new editorial decision: my friends have always been represented by first initial in this blog, but from now on, they will get hanzi.

For example, H will now be known as 小猪。 A will probably be 安玛丽。 D, you will probably be 酊, which sounds like "ding" and means "intoxicated." 

Cool, huh!

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Chadwick said...

I don't understand how H is ???. Am I dense?