Thursday, February 15, 2007

Encore! Encore?

So today was the karaoke competition of the school's Olympic Week, and I'm almost ashamed to say that Team Faculty won. We might be too talented for our own good.

S sang the Diana Ross part, and of course she was awesome. I sang the Lionel Richie part. There was a lot of ham in the singing, but we made sure there was extra ham; rollerbladers with streamers, interpretive dance, a hype man, and a surprise appearance by Fr. P, which brought about an obligatory standing-o.

After work today, I came home, and the walls in the den are painted! Yes! But the carpet and molding isn't back in place yet; they need one more coat of paint, apparently. I am hoping to sit on my couch and watch tv when I come home from work tomorrow.

For dinner I went to a teriyaki place on Michigan. There is a lot of bad teriyaki in this town, but there's a lot of good teriyaki too, which makes it unremarkable.

Then I went up to the Newman Center and taught them some songs for their Black History Month Mass on Sunday. Which is cool, because it's the 'turn the other cheek' readings, which I never really understood until I read Dr. King.

Today I told my musicians at school that every time I am moving around during a song, it's because I'm trying to communicate something to them; otherwise I stay still. They were like, oh, really? We thought you were just "into it."

No dammit! I am not "into it!" I'm trying to get you to SLOW DOWN. or LOOK AT ME. or END THE SONG.

Sheesh! I'm tired of Catholic school music kids! I want public school music kids! Who take band class, have rhythm, and understand how to play in a group! And who don't complain about carrying their own gear! Sheesh.

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Nicklebug said...

As a kid who lugged her cello back and forth to school for 4 years, I simply don't understand. Orchestra was a class. I was a good student. If I didn't bring my cello home, I couldn't practice, my performance would suffer, and my GPA would drop. And that simply could not happen.