Monday, February 19, 2007

Four Day Weekend!

Don't you love how Bill Donohue of the Catholic League has declared himself defender of all Catholics in the face of witty Asian American kids who satirize the priest/sex abuse scandal? I don't. Shut your greasy, racist mouth, Bill Donohue, and try to understand yesterday's Gospel. Every time you say "gook" you shame yourself, and you shame us Catholics you were never asked to defend. Jackass. (Thanks, Angry Asian Man).

On Saturday I helped 小猪 move into her new place. Then afterwards, I went with 安暾 to Pan Africa Cafe for some lovely Ethiopian food. We ordered Lamb Tibs and the Sample Platter (stewed chicken, chicken tibs, potatoes, green lentils, red lentils, and greens) all served on injera. Delicious! I had a very clovey tea with sugar, as well.

Afterwards, we went down to Bottega Italiana for gelati; 安暾 had stracciatella/nocciola, and I had gianduia/pistacchio. Yum.

I had originally planned to go to a basketball game with la 浅, but when she didn't answer her phone, I called 安暾 for dinner. Of course they were sitting next to each other, watching a basketball game on tv. So I apologized to la 浅 and told her I was too exhausted, and that I wanted African food. She was cool, but I felt like a jerk. She didn't answer the phone! Oh well.

So then yesterday I helped out the Newman Center choir; they wanted to sing some spirituals, so I taught them some spirituals. Afterwards, we all went to Hing Loon; fourteen of us pushed a small table for 4 together with a big round banquet table and cracked jokes. It was fun. 恭贺新禧, everyone!

Today the construction guys showed up... on Presidents' Day! The carpet is now shampooed, so all that is left is for me to put the room back together. Once the carpet dries, of course. They also did the hallway.

And now, I am going to watch the BSG that I missed yesterday. And THEN I will work on my Hangzhou application. First things first.

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