Friday, February 02, 2007

I dare you not to puke.

It's Friday night, and I'm exhausted. Just a few quick words before I brush my teeth, climb into bed, and read either the next few chapters of A Sudden Country, or maybe go over a chapter in my Chinese textbook....

First of all, how do people not see the scathing political commentary going on at Battlestar Galactica? Last week's episode was totally Abu Ghraib in space. And guess what, there will be Saddam Hussein on Trial in space before the end of the season.

Second, I got a fat load of hits the other day, when Seattlest posted a link to my weird dream.

I heard something crazy on the radio today, that today Washington Governor Gregoire enacted a law to keep protests from interfering with funerals. Apparently, there's a group of people from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas that travels the country picketing military funerals, claiming that God is killing troops in Iraq to punish American acceptance of homosexuality.

How many ways are these people stupid? What could possibly be accomplished by protesting at funerals? And what kind of god do they worship that needs to kill people in order to change cultural mores? Doesn't the creator of heaven and earth have a more direct means of affecting change?

Ok, finally, the principal sent us this video as a thank you to the faculty during Catholic Schools Week. When you start to gag, please note the slide number, and post it in the comments. I gagged at slide number one. But I have a low tolerance for this kind of stuff. Still, I dare you not to puke.


A said...

I got you beat. I, a teacher (and of 5th graders, to boot) gagged at the opening title, and never even made it past the first slide. So I don't know what happens to Teddy but I'm guessing someone dies.

torreybird said...

Ha. I made it all the way to the end (Teddy doesn't die) and gagged when it finally admitted to being a work of fiction.

Orange said...

I gagged at the first sight of "Mrs. Thompson's" grown-out roots. Sheesh, if you're gonna color your hair, you gotta commit to it. Eight months' worth of grown-out gray?

I could tell it was fiction, and manipulative fiction at that. I must be a big ol' softie, though, because instead of puking, I got all misty-eyed. (Please don't hate me.)

Christine said...

i made it to the end, though it's ridiculously long. in my mind, Teddy got hit by a car and had to stop being a doctor because of mental health issues. that seems more realistic than their story. the end was creepy when she put on his mother's perfume for his wedding. *gag*

ding said...

what the hell was that?

it's not as good as 'the red balloon.' now *that* can make me cry buckets.