Wednesday, February 14, 2007

You're Toxic, I'm Slipping Under

The day started with an email, someone trying to flake from something they committed to months ago. Minutes later, he unflaked. I am starting to tighten the screws.

I taught the passive voice today (ser + past participle + por + agent). What a lie.

The office got toxic today, and I drove away mad. I listened to the news on the radio and only got madder, listening to a) the rapes that are happening in the state of Mexico (one rape/murder committed by a policeman) and b) an earnest GWB trying to get us to believe that the Iranians are smuggling arms into Iraq.

Shut up, Mr. President. Shut your stupid, fat mouth. You started this war in Iraq by deceiving us about WMDs. I don't give a shit what the Iranians are selling the insurgents; we wouldn't be in this mess if YOU HADN'T SENT US.

I went and applied for a new passport. My old one isn't set to expire until 2010, but it was too beat up from being in my pocket. My application to the Hangzhou program I want to go to is only missing three more things: my Chinese essay, my English essay, and two recommendations. I'm still waiting to hear yes or no from one recommender.

I made rice in my new dolsot, but now I realize it might not be a dolsot at all, since it is made out of clay. Maybe tonight I will go to a Korean store and buy one that is made of stone. I will ask J* what she thinks.

It's Valentines day; I don't really care. I have some grading to do, but it shouldn't take long. Ash Wednesday Mass is almost planned; I'm picking music that everyone hates, because I hate HATE the sing-songy shit that people think they like because they recognize it.

Seriously, "Change Our Hearts" is a terrible song when you sing it straight, but when the Catholics start making that awful scooping hissing noise they call singing, it just starts to make me angry.

White people! Why do you sing like that? Who tells you that sounds good? Why don't you try singing with your VOICE? No wonder you have low self esteem when it comes to music; you insist on singing like children being punished.

Yes, it's official; I've got the "toxic febs".... those blues that teachers tend to get around February. The kids, the other teachers, even the news on the radio... toxic.

The good news, when I got home my house smelled like paint! Sweet! Until I went downstairs, and the walls have, indeed, not been painted, just spray textured. Still, it's only a matter of days until I get my den back.

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