Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"Yet another snowday" and "Gay people, oh no!"

I missed the snow tree phone call this morning; I was in the bathroom. But the snow is coming down, and classes are cancelled! I'm probably the last one who isn't put off by it; at this point we've had so many snow days, even the students are getting irritated.

Last night Robert Mak was fishing for controversy.... you know how they do that, they find something nobody has noticed and then ask people about it, hoping that they could find somebody bigot to say something outragous, so they can break a news story that they manufactured.... Well, yesterday they found an Ikea ad in the newspaper with two men in the kitchen, which implied that they were GAY! GAY GAY GAY!

Quick, Robert Mak, go find a homophobe on the street! I'll get the camera... We'll call it "news!"

Anyway, I find it remarkable only because one of the people they found was my gay-friendly cowsin E. Click here for the video.

The snow is supposed to fall until around 8pm today, and then finally we'll thaw. I think I'll make myself some eggs.

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