Monday, December 11, 2006

Stupid Christians

I am a firm believer in the separation of church and state. Absolutely.

I also believe the First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees freedom of worship.

So when a rabbi points out a bunch of Christmas decorations in a public building and asks for the menorah to be displayed, my inclination would be to PUT UP A MENORAH, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

Stupid Christians, you don't understand your Christianity, (the Jews are not our opponents) and you don't understand the Constitution, so no wonder you don't know how to keep them separate. High school civics, children.

As you know, the Port of Seattle took out its Christmas trees, believing that the rabbi would bring a lawsuit. The rabbi was all over the news, telling people WITH WORDS that he never asked for the removal of the Christmas trees, but for them to add a menorah to the display. The rabbi did not remove your Christmas trees, the PORT OF SEATTLE did.

So then the so-called Christians came out of the woodwork to throw a tantrum, blamed the rabbi and the liberals, lamented the loss of the trees. When the story got national attention, the Port of Seattle replaced the trees. STILL NO MENORAH.

You idiots. Will it kill you to honor the Jewish community? Would you DIE if you had to recognize that some people don't celebrate the same holidays as you? The rabbi isn't trying to deprive you of your stupid trees, he's asking to be INCLUDED in our society.

The First Amendment that guarantees and protects the freedom of worship that allows you to worship your Christmas trees also guarantees and protects the freedom of other religious communities. If you're going to spend the public's money to honor a Christian holiday, it's not going to kill you to put out a menorah.

Now, it's a valid point that the menorah is a religious symbol, and that Christmas trees are more a symbol of the Christian community, and not of Christianity itself. So then you TALK to the rabbi, and you honor the Jewish community with a symbol that's less religious.

But if you can't figure out how to honor everybody, then do your job and remove all religious symbols from my airport. And quit whining about it, seriously, because a) you're not creative enough to solve the problem, and b) the First Amendment protects all of us from religious persecution, and I'd rather have a tree-less airport is preferable to living in a country with religious persecution.

I am sick of hearing people pretend that it's a terrible burden to honor diversity, whether it's linguistic, religious, or cultural. If you're too lazy to recognize other people's beliefs, then to hell with your Christmas trees.


Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas from Sweden, the lutheran/atheistic country with a menorah (or two) in, almost, every window. Just looking out my window I can see at least 10 of them. Over here they are a traditional part of Xmas. I'll try to find a link for a picture of some. Until then you can get a glimpse of them if you get to see the Nobel prize winners get scared tomorrow morning, when they get to know the celebration of
; another weird swedish Xmas tradition.

Orange said...

Amen, Brother JP. Testify!