Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I went into school at 7:30 to do morning prayer about la Santa Virgen de Guadalupe. I was up late last night writing the prayer, and I managed to catch a little of the live coverage of the festivities in Mexico city. I think coverage started at midnight, and for an hour and a half, they had popular musicians singing devotions to la Virgen. At 1:30 they finally started playing Las mañanitas; the crowd was so happy, and then all the clergy came in for the procession. At that point, I went to bed.

So anyway, as I was saying, I went into work for morning prayer. Ten minutes later, the lights flickered and then finally went black. I waited five minutes, and when they didn't come back on, I went up top to see what the administration was up to. Answer: not much. So I went back to the office and started bringing candles to classrooms.

Word came back later that if the power had not been restored by the end of that class period, students would be sent home. So then it was a waiting game of chatting with other teachers and intimidating students who were wandering the hallways in packs. Well, we waited it out, and stil now power, so the students all went home; and I went to brunch at Glo's on Capitol Hill with some other faculty. I had the corned beef hash with eggs over medium and wheat toast.

Now I'm back home. I will do a couple loads of laundry and maybe tidy up the office; I have a quiz to write for tomorrow, and that should be it. For now, I think it's naptime.

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