Sunday, December 17, 2006

My Sleepy Puppy Day.

If someone can point to a picture of Vietnamese deli items, labeled in English, I can tell you what I had for lunch. For now, I'll just have to tell you shrimp/pork salad roll, wide noodle salad with ham, shrimp and pork bits suspended in chewy rice goo, steamed in banana leaves, that potato scramble, and waffles.

For my late lunch, I went to Paldo World in Bellevue (I know) and had bibimbab with purple rice and a tray full of panchan. It was seven bucks, totally worth it, and I didn't have my camera on me. The lights in Paldo World were half off, and an all-ages Korean choir/orchestra entertained us from the south entrance.

For my late dinner, I made a steak with mushroom sake sauce, green potage, and steamed rice.

The Accidental Hedonist has got me thinking about cheese courses (and now sticky dark brownies).

Right now I'm boiling a couple of cans of sweetened condensed milk.

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