Monday, December 18, 2006

It smells like pie!

Brunch at the Salmon Cooker: Salmon dinner, $8.00. Salmon roasted in the smoker, coleslaw, big jojos, and a crusty sourdough roll. Clam chowder on the side. Sorry for the cell phone quality picture. Kjo called me right when I was taking this picture.
Of course, I bumbled it, ended up hanging up on her. She called back, and when I didn't recognize the number, I ignored. I called later to accept her lovely invitation to dinner. Nke and E are going to be there, so it's a reunion of sorts. I decided to use up my apples to make my mama's apple pie; it's in the oven now.
I know I'm not supposed to spoil my appetite, but I was hungry so I reheated the potage with some leftover rice and threw a handful of shredded cheese on top. That should hold me until it's time to go.
I had two objectives today; 1) to arrange delivery of my new sofa; 2) to go into work and grab the stuff I left on Thursday, not knowing there would be another blackout day. Well, one out of two ain't bad.
I gotta shave, change my shirt. I hope there's karaoke tonight.

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