Monday, December 04, 2006

Funny Monday

So I went in this morning to do morning prayer that I wrote just in case the scheduled student flaked. Well, she showed, so she did her morning prayer, and I got to work.

Gave a quiz, got some work done. Scheduled an appointment. Had the last two chicken nuggets in the cafeteria, and a boat of jo-jos. Does everyone know what jo-jos are? Here, they are potato wedges. M had never heard of them. She's from eastern europe, so she pronounced them 'yo-yos.' I found it charming, so I didn't correct her.

Anyway, after work I came home, had some oatmeal and crackers and cheese for snack. Met J and had dinner at the Attic. I wasn't hungry enough for the specials (seafood chowder; pot roast) so I just ordered a Chinese chicken salad. It wasn't what I expected. I expected mandarin oranges and those crispy fried noodles. It had some kind of spicey sesame dressing.

Afterward, we went to the Christmas concert. It's funny how you can tell which songs the kids like to sing, and which ones they don't. There are three sets, an opening ensemble set, a piano bar for soloists and small ensembles, and an ensemble finale. The one thing I want to say about the piano bar... choices, children! Choices! Hee hee.

When I came home, a light bulb had gone out in the kitchen, so I'm going to go to the store now to replace it.

The other thing is that I found a bunch of comment spam on this blog. I erased it all and turned on comment moderation. All though I like it when commenters log in, you can still log in anonymously an comment, but you'll have to wait until I approve your comment before you see it posted. Sigh. Another layer of busy work.

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Orange said...

My errands beat yours today—I delivered a brown plastic jug to a medical laboratory, and you know what that means...