Sunday, December 03, 2006


My friend N in Shanghai sent me this frightening link. There is nothing about it that isn't frightening.

For dinner tonight I will have some leftover potatoes and some frozen meatballs. I'm not sure yet if I will make a cheese sauce or a brown gravy, but I sure hope there is a can of cranberry sauce somewhere in my cupboard.

Today I spent 5 hours at work for Open House. At the language dept. table, they ask us we teach Latin or Chinese, as if their lazy kids had a prayer of learning that. At the science table, they ask if they teach Creation. At the ministry table today, they asked me if the Masses were in English or Latin. They also asked how many kids come in "professing Catholicism." Wha? Are you kidding?

I went shopping afterwards. Bought a pitcher for punch, some flat plates for cheese, a chrome rack for above the sink (it doesn't fit in the kitchen, it will go in one of the bathrooms. I also bought a bench, which, once I got home, I realized it had storage inside. Sweet! Well, inside were three matching footstools. Surprise! But what am I supposed to do with three matching footstools?


john patrick said...

hey spammer, eat shit!

john patrick said...

try to spam me now, bitch

Orange said...

"This is a great site, very insightful. Please visit my footstools blog."

But seriously: What can you do with three matching footstools? (a) Reach things on the top shelf. (b) Stack 'em up, balance on top, and hone your circus act.