Wednesday, December 13, 2006

During our recent War on Christmas tantrum...

Oh, those evil liberals wanted to take away our Christmas. Blame the Jews, right? Civil liberties are for asshats, right?

Well, now it looks like the FBI can bug you through your own cell phones (thanks, B). As in, when you turn your phone off and put it in you pocket, they can listen to you. You think they're getting warrants for that?

We used to have a nice country, with civil liberties and everything. I hate George Bush. His record of poor judgment, and his contempt for the Constitution has been spectacular.

By the way, this whole 'listening' act that he's doing now is a stunt. We all know they've decided to up troop levels for the short term to try to extinguish violence all at once, instead of chasing it around from province to province.

Stupid man. Why didn't we send enough troops in 2003? Is there any possible way for him to answer that without him being an incompetent moron? Let's all say it together: insufficient intelligence.

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