Thursday, December 14, 2006

Big Fat Rainstorm, Calm, Big Fat Windstorm.

After school, during my meeting today it was raining so hard, it was amazing. People's basements flooded all over the place.

There was a calm, and I went to A's for book club. I hadn't read the book, but I was bringing the wine, so I didn't want to flake. I was worried, though, when H's text message said that water was coming into her office.

So I left book club early to come check on my place. I made the mistake of taking the Alaskan Way Viaduct home, and got stuck in stadium traffic. I don't want to be too hard on the off-duty cops who direct traffic, but they totally stopped 1st Avenue S traffic for 30 minutes to let out the Seahawks fans. I was actually stuck on the Viaduct offramp, and so traffic stopped behind me, all the way onto the Viaduct itself. It seems to me that Viaduct traffic should take precidence over parking lot traffic.

When I got to the intersection, the traffic cops had a good two mintues of nobody moving. They let traffic go one way, and weren't paying attention and didn't realize there was nobody coming. So I waited at the line for two minutes. Then finally they waved in the oncoming traffic.... and never waved us on! I waited, as did the guy in the next lane, but it looked like both traffic cops on different sides of the intersection were chatting with other people, and had forgotten to wave our direction. Screw that. So I went, and everyone followed me.

It took me an hour to get home from Ballard.

Well, the eye of the storm is passing now; it's not raining so much at this moment, but the wind is shaking the house. And it's loud. Hood Canal and 520 bridges are closed; I-90 will close when windspeeds hit 65mph. I've never seen this kind of wind before. Schools are closing all over the place, but so far not in the city. Power is winking, but so far hasn't blacked out.

Remember the leak in the basement that they never fixed? Well, it's back. That lawyer woman who told me to hold tight until the lawsuit was done, and then wait until the HOA construction was done, I'm sure she's very smug in her smug little house. I hope she wakes up covered in ants. The carpet is soaked in that corner.

The good news? My new couch has arrived. It's a bummer that there's now a wet spot in the corner of that room. Grrr!

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