Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snow Day!

Well yesterday was a normal school day, and we all felt cheated, just cheated that we had to be at school at 7:45. The roads were fine, of course.

Last night I was grading papers that were bad to terrible in quality, so I put in a DVD to take the edge off the dispair. When my movie was over, local news was already reporting school closures. Ha ha, not my school of course, I didn't get official word until twenty minutes to six this morning, when the faculty snowtree was activated.

So the State Patrol is asking the population to stay home. The forecast doesn't show the high temp rising above the freezing point until Thursday, possibly, so tomorrow it might still be frozen.

Local news has only rolled out a few special graphics; I haven't yet seen theme music. I'm sure they're working on it for this evening. Winter Blast! November Snow! They're showing a lot of people who've either abandoned their cars, or spent the night in a parking lot. A couple of sad cases show some dudes with their faces still painted from the Seahawks game.

So I'm so excited about a day off of work. I've graded everything I have to grade here at home (there's more to grade on my desk at work...) so today is going to be all about cleaning my house, putting up my Christmas tree, and making an apple crisp. I'm a block from a supermarket, a starbucks, a blockbuster, a taco bus, and a neighborhood diner, so I'm gonna be just fine.

Right now, the plan is to go back to sleep; then I'll think about breakfast.