Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I made it, thank you God!

Well, folks, I made it to Thanksgiving break, thank you Jesus. Now I have a chance to catch up on grades, clean the house, redraft an assembly get the fireplace fixed... oh yah, and eat turkey. H and I are going to auntie A's place.

Yesterday I skipped 中文 class, so I could be ready for work today. I took a delicious nap when I got home, but dreamt that I had a crushing muscle cramp... in my thumb. Don't remember which, but it woke me up. Neither thumb hurt when I shook off the groggies, so maybe the cramp itself was a dream. Just to be safe, I drank a bucket of water. Can you get a thumb cramp?

One thing my 中文 teacher taught us was that "Yao Ming, " referring to the the famous center for the Houston Rockets, is just a nom de plume. Or maybe nom de balon. It was meant to sound like the Chinese word for "EXTREME!!!!!!" Anyway, my favorite online 中文/English dictionary shows that they are different 汉字,and 姚 is a common surname.

Trad. Pinyin English
姚明 yáo míng Yao Ming, Chinese NBA star player;
要命 yào mìng (v) cause sb to die; (adj) extremely; frighteningly; very; (adj) annoyance;

My parents are coming to stay in December for a few weeks; it's time to buy some furniture. I'll post some of my choices here.

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