Saturday, November 18, 2006

Faculty Bowling Shirts

Option A (we would get it in navy)

Option B

Option C (we would probably get it in blue/ivory)

I have picked out these three options to present to the new Faculty Bowling Club.

Last night, M organized a faculty outing to the West Seattle Bowl, which is hillarious in many ways, not the least of which is that it is attached to Terrace West Mandarin Szechwan Hunan Restaurant. Yes, they deliver food to your lane; no they do not have nachos. Of course they don't. I ordered a plate of bbq pork and another plate of various appetizers. Very funny!

The bowling order went Bunyon, Juicy Beetle, Gargamel, Mooshoo, Krispy, and Tape Lady. H was there, but she had hurt her bowling hand helping a kid with a crutch.

I was sucking wind in the first two games, but in the last game, I managed to bowl a strike and put together a few spares. Very, very funny.

So let me know which style bowling shirt you prefer. It will have our bowling name on the front chest, and then on the back there will be some cheezy logo and the name of our club.

I'm thinking Faculty B.O.W.L. (Beer-Or Whatever-League). Either that or the Faculty Strikes.


Trope said...

Uh-oh, my spouse has one just like option #3. He's not in a bowling league, he just liked it. (eyeroll)

Chinese food would probably improve my bowling experience. I can only bowl with those inflatable gutter blocks.

ding said...

i think option C makes one look less like a football ref.

Orange said...

Or D) a foxy barong.