Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pick My Sofa

So I'm looking for a sofa that someone can watch things Battlestar Galactica and Washington winning the Apple Cup. It also has to be big enough to crash on. It also has to be lumpless enough to crash on; i.e., no huge overstuffed cushions.

Option A: This one from Ikea is $848, and I will definately pay to have it delivered and assembled, and I'm sure I will kick a flimsy armrest off during a nap.

Option B: This one is from Dania, and it's $650. What's the catch?

Option C: This is also from Dania, $1000, and it comes in terracota, pale yellow, and fawn. ¿Qué demonios quiere decir fawn?

Option D: This is the one I really like, from Crate & Barrel for $2600. Don't tell me to buy this one. But it's the one I want.


Anonymous said...

The catch with the Dania is that after sitting on it for 30 minutes, it will sink and you will slide off it onto the floor. The cushions have no strength and support. Cheapness is in the cushion baby. Go with the Crate and Barrel (yes, I know you don't want to hear it) but it will serve you well for the next 10 or 15 years unless you have a really annoying child who beats the hell out of everything. And dogs. And cats. Who beat the hell out of everything too.
Plus it's beautiful!

Trope said...

I've never dealt with Dania so I can't speak on them. I like option B, just on the lookin'... though my problem with all of them is that they're cornered, and who can deal with that?!? Apparently you can, so I won't whine overmuch. Crate and Barrel seems to be overstuffy to me (I give it two years before they settle and lump up. Again, I haven't dealt with them.)

All the furniture I've bought from Ikea is mediocre, but comfortingly so. You know what you're getting when you buy it.

But apparently you have time to decide this, since we get no post-turkey BSG. The crime! The agony! I have to wait to weeks to see more Starbuck. She is my favorite.

myrna said...

Some issues with Crate and Barrel that I heard not too long ago involving the mother of Chris Rock and his sister treated very poorly at Crate & Barrel. If I were you I would find out how good their customer service is before I whould do business with them, especially if I have to pay a lot of money for their merchandize.
Good luck on your furniture shopping. Are you one who doesn't mind getting stuck with a type of furniture for many years (as in couch older than your sister?) If so then get a good sturdy quality but be willing to pay twice as much! But if you are one who gets tired of the same old stuff after a few short years, then go for the less expensive kind and save some bucks. (But be careful with your back.)

john patrick said...

Mama, Chris Rock's mama had a problem with Cracker Barrel, a restaurant, not Crate & Barrel. Hmph!

myrna said...

Okay, I'll go have my ears checked now. he he he.

Orange said...

It's worth splurging on furniture. The cheap stuff doesn't last as long and doesn't look as nice. You're paying for superior construction and better materials.