Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Night Update

So the Blues have taken the House; if they take the Senate, too, I might go out into the street and start breaking stuff. w00t!

In other news, check out the "my photos" link under my profile. Over there, on the right. See it? Right under 我很有意思。 I created it using Picassa Web Albums. I just discovered it on Picassa one day. Free, easy, awesome; I love Google.

Maybe now I'll eat a fruit cup. Or some yogurt. Or a bowl of oatmeal. I bought the special "weight control" and "good for your heart" oatmeal, because it has 4 grams of soluble fiber, rather than the normal 1 gram in the regular oatmeals. Mmmm, soluble fiber...

And Faith Hill... oh, Faithy, you gotta be more gracious than that.

1 comment:

ding said...

i'm so happy i could cry.
it took nearly 8 years for this country to wake up.
what a great night for the dems. (i'm optimistic now, hoping i won't have a reason to become bitter and disenchanted with them.)