Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Democratic House. Rummy steps down. Dems clinch Senate. First woman speaker; also first Italian American. First Muslim in Congress.

And finally, Bushy shows his ass. 'Measuring for drapes' is clever beltway-speak for when someone takes office and is itchin' to get to work. But Georgey, to us Blue state hicks outside the beltway, "Drapegate" makes you sound like a sexist pig, because a woman obviously is going to care more about interior decorating thas.... say, you pissing all over habeas corpus.... or maybe those bullshit wars that you started without an exit strategy....

See, now I'm getting all worked up, distracting myself writing about Bush's incompetence. The reason I started this post in the first place was to say that I'm skipping Mandarin class tonight to catch up with some grading.

Sigh. Anyway, this day has just been too eventful. I roamed the hallways today, whispering to teachers that had been in class the news about the Rummy. It was delicious.

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