Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday Night in a Clean House

My sister stayed the night last Thursday, which means the place appears clean. I could still stand to mop the kitchen floor, finish the laundry, re-arrange the rec room, vaccuum downstairs. However that kind of stuff smacks of "strain" which I'm supposed to avoid due to the kidney biopsy.

A and J came over, we had dinner at Tutta Bella, came back to my place and chatted while half watching an awful Olsen Twins movie "The Challenge." I like having a clean house and having respectable people over. I pretty much forgot about the missing chunks of my kidneys. Althought I did regret not having fun snacks or drinks to offer.

When they left, I came into the office to blog. I put on the tv and watched the very end of Star Wars Episode II: The Clone Wars. When it ended, I hadn't changed the channel, and now it seems I'm watching Kill Bill Part 2.

I just realized it's a three day weekend; I have two more days to enjoy this clean upstairs. And orders from the doctor not to strain, lift, or cough.

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