Friday, September 22, 2006

Quite a day!

Happy Birthday to H!

(I had this entire post written, but got caught by the Bleu Screen of Death.)

This morning I got up late, had to race to work to read morning prayer. Today it was about torture. Then I drove back home to take the bp meds I'm not supposed to forget. On the way back to work, I picked up a breakfast burrito at the Hop In. Mmm, bacon...

In the faculty lounge, someone had left a box of huge, voluptuous, perfectly ripe peaches. Have you ever seen a bunch of huge, voluptuous, perfectly ripe peaches? It was more than slightly obscene. They should just call them sexfruit. I took two. They were really dusty, which was sexy. I had to wash them, which was sexy. Bastos peaches!

Later, went to my kidney appointment, got rock star parking next to a telephone pole with one of these ironic signs posted.

The kidney news is good: the condition that I have seems to be not very serious. The doc said I could either a) do nothing and see if my kidney function deteriorates, or b) start on a non-specific therapy that might help but might make me grow boobs. I chose a) do nothing and check back in three months. The doc said he had a patient that he diagnosed in the 1960s who still hasn't shown any sign of deterioration since then.

After the meeting I got back to work to find a fedex on my desk; the refi had gone through! Sweet! After work I went to the bank!

Also, my new contract was finally ready, so I signed it. My Mandarin class bumped me over a column on the pay scale, and actually, I'm only 12 credits until the next column.

Finally, came home to meet the guy who was supposed to deliver my home sleep study equipment. He was scheduled to come at 4pm, but he didn't show up until 7pm, right when I started cooking my dinner of course. (spaghetti with vodka sauce, chicken breast)

Anyway, he finally made it. So tonight I will attach some electronics to me as I sleep, and if I do end up having sleep apnea, they'll give me a cpap, and then maybe I'll sleep better and my blood pressure will go down since I won't need to make all that cortizol to wake me up to gasp for air.

So in summary, machines will help me live. Resistence is futile.


Trope said...

Hey, sorry about this, but what is "bastos"? I googled and did not find--it was either porn sites or a municipality, and I can't reconcile those two in my head. Hope you can edu-ma-cate me.

bitchphd said...

Hey, if you end up on the boob-growing therapy, let me know. I'll be happy to go shopping with you for bras at Nordy's.