Friday, September 22, 2006

Filipino American Glossary: bastos

pronunciation: bas-TOS

adjective; often an exclamation

(1) - rude, disrespectful.
When you go to visit your cowsin, you better say hello to your uncle and auntie. When you do not say hello, that is very bastos.

(2) - dirty, naughty, porn
When we go to rent a video, she spends all her time in the bastos section.

You can check out all the times I used the word "bastos" now!


Trope said...

Oh, JP, thanks! I know I'm a little new here to be asking questions already, but learning this stuff helps me not embarrass myself in other situations. So it's much appreciated.

john patrick said...


You are NOT too new to ask questions.

Ethnicity and language are two subjects I never get tired of talking about!

Also, I like it when smart, decent folk come to read my little digital journal.

Unforunately, I feel compelled to let you know that it might be a while until I post about cookies again.

Trope said...

(sigh) I'll just have to sit here and wait.