Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A few words before grading....

I have to grade, you all.

But before I do, I wanted to just catch you up on my life.

Remember back in '88 when we went from Oly to Seattle in two minutes?

I just bought a new suit. It's BAD, children, the suit is bangin'. Tommy the salesman started putting shirts and ties together... hoo, that was fun. I saw an interview look, a fancy date look, a Pentacostal church look, a singing-at-a-wedding look (cream tie on a cream shirt: stand back). Then he brought out the white shirt with a white tie, and I said, no, Tommy, that's if *I'm* getting married. My cousin's bride would be mad at me if I showed up to her wedding flashier than her.

I said, Tommy, this is fun, but we can do it later. I pick up the suit on Friday. I think I'm gonna go with the light green shirt and light green tie with blue squares. We'll see what my sister thinks.

Finally, for Gwen, I don't know if you're still reading Gwen, but I will help you with the Preterit Tense. There are only four categories of preterit: Regulars, Irregulars (only 3), Minority Verbs (only 12), Stem Changers (the same IR stem change verbs from the Present Tense). Four kinds, that's all. There are no more.

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Gwen said...

Still reading, yes (it's in my Favorites-Blogs folder). And I know that it's not really really hard. It's still a pain, least I'm not learning English! (If that's not the mantra of every native English speaker learning a new language, it should be...)