Monday, September 25, 2006

BSG: Where have you been, people!

Hey! This is the internet age!

When SciFi puts out a 4 minute webisode of Battlestar Galactica, why do I have to find out about it though surfing? Egh! There are already SIX webisodes available! Are you kidding?

How did I find it? NBC promised I could watch an episode of Studio 60, which I missed tonight, at Well, the second episode is not available. That's when I saw the BSG stuff.

I can't BELIEVE you people. We are supposed to look out for each other! Hmph!

BSG's season 3 debuts October 6th.

And no, I'm NOT ashamed of watching sci-fi and I DON'T CARE if you think acronyms are nerdy.


Trope said...

Dude, welcome to my personal geek-squee list. However, if you'd been lurking like a good BSGer, you'd know about the webisodes, though, wouldn't you?

I should also add that Dr. Who begins its new series this Friday. So BSG fannery will be on hiatus for a few days. Enjoy the clips!

ding said...

dude, even i knew about these things.
have you seen the BSG comic books? they're sorta interesting.

and yes - trope is absolutely correct. you must hang out on the TWOP boards. you must.