Monday, September 11, 2006

Ay, Sticky Vagina!

I don't know how knowing how to say this expression in Tagalog is going to improve your lives. It's Auntie A who says it, and we love her for it, but it's not something that naturally sneaks into your vocabulary.

Anyway, by popular demand....

When Auntie A drops something, she exclaims "Ay! Puki malakit!"


Update: We have always said that Auntie A is the only one that says this. She is Tagalog and Kapampangan, and we love her. We can't claim it's a Filipino thing, or Tagalog thing, just an Auntie A thing. However, its a phenomenon that could only happen in a vaginocentric culture.

Update Number 2: My mama wrote in with a correction; she claims Auntie A says "Ay, puking malaki!" which a) is absolutley not what I remember, and b) not "sticky vagina" but "huge vagina." Sheesh, I hope this thread dies down soon.

Update Number 3: I've posted some corrections over at BitchPhd. Hopefully, that's the final word.


ding said...

where's the emphasis?

'ay! poohKEE malaKIT!'
'ay! POOHkee MAlaKIT!'
'ay! POOHkee malaKIT!'

(and you knew my mom named our first dog Malakit, right?)

john patrick said...

I love that your dog was named Malakit. Your mama was funny!

Stress in Tagalog is lexical:




But when you say it all together, you get AY! pukimalaKET!

Anonymous said...

its supposed to be malagkit, not malakit.

and is that an ilocano thing? cause ive never heard of it till now.

Frumious B said...

which word means "vagina" and which word means "sticky"? (ie, is Tagalog an adjective-before-the-noun language or an adjective-after-the-noun language?)

myrna said...

Here is the correct way: Malaki (big, large, humongous!) instead of Malagkit. Malagkit means sticky, as in sweet rice. So when you say puki malagkit, you're saying sweet, sticky puki. "Ay, puking malaki!"

Micaela said...

hmm. I definitely remember there being a T. Puki Malakit!
I also remember malakit meaning "thick".