Sunday, August 06, 2006

Lazy; might be a problem.

Yesterday: went to Auntie E Uncle T's place for a wedding party; the actual wedding was last month in the Bay Area. It was fun, we ate a lot, enjoyed the big house (star trek kitchen, deck to die for, tiki pool room). Played mahjong.

Here's some of the food: cheesey dip, artichoke dip, salmon dip, prawns and snowpeas in garlic sauce, strip steak, kalbi, lumpia shanghai, veggie pork lumpia, pansit canton, salad (in a stand alone salad bowl at the corner of the room) three whole rock fish.... leche flan with berries, ube cake, frozen mango slices layered with grahm crackers and marshmallow sauce.... A certain city council member was there; when my uncles make a show of giving their seats at the table to them, I got up as well to avoid him.

Uncle L and Auntie V were funny, reminiscing about Santo Tomas. Auntie V said, "When we were kids, we didn't have computer, we didn't have a videogame. We played Rubberband! We played Can!"

Can is played by throwing your tsinelas (flip flops) at a can; at some point, someone became "it" and got chased all over the place. "Rubberband" was some variation of marbles or petanque, only with rubber bands. The girls also had a hackey sack game. I told my sister that if she does ethnic or cultural studies, she could document these games for a paper. She was skeptical.

I got a drunk dial from Y, calling from a bar in Manhattan. He was disappointed by Montreal--too much English, but he was impressed by their clean chinatown. He's staying at M's in Manhattan, and encouraged me to go visit.

I feel lazy today. It might become a problem.

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