Sunday, August 06, 2006

I'm not ALL snob.

I'll keep working on this one...

What I'm a snob about

  • Beer: Ale is interesting, lager is not. The only use I have for light beer in a can is steaming seafood or mixing into a red beer or panaché.
  • California, Australian, Chilean wine. I know nothing about them, except that you buy them by the brand or the grape rather than the region. Zinfandel.
  • Asian fast-food. Get that crappy sauce off my rice!
  • Sushi. It has to be authentic. Drinks, desserts, and decor are distractions. Rolls are for sorority girls.
  • Living in Seattle. Life's better here.
  • Movie theaters.
  • Fresh black pepper, cracked in a morter and pestle. The difference is HUGE.
  • Kosher salt. Table salt is good for making... well, salt water.

What I'm not a snob about
  • Red beer. Yes, I'm a big hick.
  • Spam
  • Red/white/rosé wine. I used to only drink red.
  • Cheese. I'll eat it. Give it to me.
  • Taking the bus. I'd take it every day, if it was faster.
  • Gringoized mexican food. I'll eat it! Although, I like real Mexican food better.

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